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The Registrar’s OfficeRating: *

Maybe you spent six hours trying to figure out how to rank your classes only to be stymied by a computer system that accidentally used all your choices to enroll you in your first choice con law class and waitlist you for all the rest, or maybe you had to wait two weeks after grades were turned in to actually see them. Or, possibly, you’re just tired of websites that crash every time there’s a reason for people to be accessing them. Whatever your own personal turning point, I think we can all agree it’s time. Viva la revolucion! Overthrow the Registrar’s Office!Seriously, I think we can all agree that they have a difficult job, and maybe HLS students are a tad impatient (read: by and large, we’re histrionic, whiny brats) when it comes to things like grades and class schedules. But surely we can expect some minimum level of efficiency, right? Wherever that bar should lie, it’s clear the Registrar’s Office falls far below it.

The Dean of Students OfficeRating: ***

While the Registrar’s Office probably has the hardest job on campus, there’s a good argument that the Dean of Students Office has the easiest. I mean, all they have to do is throw money at us and we’re happy, right? Maybe. But on the other hand, they answer e-mails, they’re unfailingly friendly, and apparently the “dress in winter climates” panel, complete with hot cider and snowflake cookies, was a big hit. It even got a write-up in the Boston Globe! Plus, students are always kept in the loop on things like construction noise, a big step-up from how it is done at most universities. Now if only we could get them to help out with course registration.

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