Overheard at the Hark


You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be printed in…OVERHEARD IN THE HARK

In Corporations class (not too far from the Hark):Student #1 has an outline from a previous year up on his computer. Student #1 answers Professor’s question and nails it.Very soon, Student #2, sitting next to Student #1, is asked about a very complex hypothetical and also nails it.Professor comments to Student #2: “I guess that’s the problem with reusing your hypotheticals every year. Do you have last year’s notes up on your computer?”Student #2 throws Student #1 under the bus: “No, but he does,” he says pointing at Student #1.

Student A: So you think your chances are pretty good? Student B: Please. Try better than good. I saw the list, and if that is who is getting callbacks, there is no competition.

1L to a friend: “Have you noticed that law school is a lot like middle school?”Friend: “Yeah, except we can drink legally and don’t have to avoid our parents.”

A friendly email exchange that had to be printed even though it did not take place at the Hark:

From: Student 1To: Entire ClassSubject: Attacks on the Legal Profession

I’m sorry for using the class e-mailing system for a personal idea, but I promise to be brief and never bother anyone outside of class again.I’ve now seen two attack ads against Deval Patrick that essentially imply that because Mr. Patrick is a lawyer who has represented criminal defendants he is an ally of murders and rapists who would let them free if he had his way. I couldn’t care less about the outcome of a Massachusetts election, but doesn’t this seem like an attack on the entire legal profession? How would any of us feel if we were suddenly ostracized for providing the most fundamental legal services? If I were a more outgoing or passionate law student with access to the influential minds at Harvard Law School I would do something to aid a fellow lawyer (not that I’m a lawyer just yet, but you get the idea). Thank you for time. Apologies for my grammatical shortcomings.


From: Student 2To: Entire ClassSubject: message

Student 1:

Your use of this list is obviously inappropriate. I do not understand what would lead you to believe that your e-mail was in the realm of acceptable communication for a class e-mail list. Does anyone put politically-motivated messages in your mailbox without your permission? If they do, I suggest you get a spam-filter. Of course, this option was not available to me to block your message, because this e-mail list is for a class. I did not register for this class to read your personal ideas, and having read them, I cannot say that I am impressed.

[Student 2 explains why Deval Patrick is bad]

Also, no one wants to hear about how you are not a “more outgoing or passionate law student with access to the influential minds at Harvard Law School.” If you aren’t, then it is your own problem, given that you are at HLS, and have every opportunity and advantage available to you. Am I to have sympathy for you? Or do what you are too eager to point out that you yourself will not do? That is not very persuasive, and is actually quite maddening.

Also, would a greeting kill you? You didn’t telegraph me. May be it was the whole-“I don’t have any passion” thing. Every night I cry myself to sleep thinking about the plight of poor Harvard Law School students. I’ll cry a little harder tonight for your ignorance and your bewildering inability to understand the accepted practices of a class e-mail list.

Sincerely,Student 2.


From: Student 2To: Entire ClassSubject: message

Class:Sorry about that–it was a mistake That was meant only for Student 1. Please disregard.Student 2

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