Lincoln’s Inn Gets a Fresh Start


As we start off this new year, the Lincoln’s Inn has been preparing. We have washed the crimson carpet, scrubbed the checkered tiles of the basement bar and hauled copious amounts of alcohol to the house on 44 Follen (not to mention that the beer taps in the basement are back online). We’ve even thrown a number of well-attended parties. For those who don’t know, the Inn has been the best social society at HLS since 1907. Despite these recent happenings and the Inn’s long and prestigious history, to many a cloud still remains on its name mostly stemming from the cancellation of the annual Winter Dinner last year.

The current Board, led by 2L co-presidents Elizabeth Russo and Brandon Douglas, is working hard to remedy this situation. Board members have already begun planning for the Winter Dinner to ensure its success this year. The Board is also working on a number of other initiatives including most prominently a Centennial Fundraising Campaign to fund further house renovations.

Aside from these primary efforts the new Board is looking to assure that activities that have been historically popular continue to take place, for instance, Sunday and Monday night football parties or “Grey’s” viewing parties (on the 52″ screen in the first floor lounge), poker nights, and informal dinners. Plans are also in the works for beer pong and billiards tournaments and various theme parties throughout the year. It goes without saying that the basement bar will remain fully stocked with beer, wine, and other obligatory libations. As always, input from Inn members will be integral in the planning of these events.

A vibrant membership is the key to a successful year, so if you are looking to make lasting friendships and enduring memories all while becoming a part of the Inn’s century long tradition, read on. Membership rates are $350 for the year before October 1st and $400 thereafter. If you’ve yet to make it to one of our parties to get a membership application don’t despair. We will be taking applications in the Hark during lunch from September 25 – 29. Online payment will also be available in the near future. For more information contact or or visit our website at

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