HL Central Promotes Fun, Community at HLS


The first people greeting new 1Ls this year were not RAs or BSAs. They were Natalie Kitchen and Mike Glick, Directors of 1L Community Development for HL Central. Natalie and Mike gave 1Ls a first glimpse into life at Harvard and the role that HL Central plays. HL Central is student-run corporation dedicated to making life at law school more fun, fostering camaraderie among students, and ensuring that the HLS experience is a fulfilling one. In short, HL Central aims to promote community on the Harvard Law School campus and to build community throughout Boston.

After the craziness of Gypsy Bar and the Kong Party, HL Central’s community service activities gave HLS students the chance to explore the Boston that exists outside of our favorite watering holes. On Saturday, September 16, over 200 of us sacrificed a morning of sleep to pick up trash in local parks, work at charitable organizations, and run a clothing drive on campus. But of course, there was still fun to be had. (After all, this is HL Central.) HLSers, recovering from a morning of hard labor, returned to campus for a barbeque, volleyball, and some Westlaw goodies.

This Friday at 3:30pm on the Jarvis Field, HL Central will host an afternoon of unbridled competition, daring feats of strength, and maybe even a chance to get back at Mike and Natalie for being just a bit too perky sometimes. 1L Sections will be competing against each other for the first time, to determine once and for all which section is the best. This isn’t your grandmother’s tug-of-war! (This is 2nd grade field day!)

And the rivalries have already begun. We’ve heard through the grapevine that Section 2 signed up more than twenty competitors within the first hour. Section 5 countered with a similar number and is claiming to be the frontrunner in this year’s competition. The other six sections will be aiming to make a mockery of the 5ers’ boasts of an easy victory. We’ll have to wait until Friday to see who gets to raise the 1L Cup proudly above the heads of their disappointed (and plainly inferior) classmates. Even if you’re not participating, come out for snacks, drinks, and a lot of laughs.

For updated information throughout the year, check out www.HLCentral.com.

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