Neighbor’s Lid-less Coffee Cup Causes Concern Over Laptop’s Safety


Either in an effort to save money or plain oversight, there were no lids next to the coffee station in Pound Hall on Tuesday morning. While no official complaints were filed, it caused great anxiety for Ben Shapiro, 2L, who kept throwing sideways glances at his neighbor’s uncovered coffee. “He’s not the most agile person in the world,” said Shapiro of his clumsy neighbor. “One wrong move would doom my laptop and my grades for the entire semester, not to mention the manuscript for my next book, Why You Are All Going to Hell..”

Fortunately, the wireless connection was in tact and Shapiro was able to email all his notes to himself to avoid a complete tragedy. Class ended promptly 5 minutes after the scheduled time with no incident. “I hope the administration realizes how vital it is to have coffee lids available,” said Shapiro. “I think I grew a gray hair or two within the last 90 minutes.”

When informed of this travesty, LSC president Zach Prager vowed to organize a student morning police committee to make rounds of all coffee sites making sure that there were lids aplenty at each location. “LSC is on top of the most important issues here at the law school,” insisted Prager.

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