Chat Log Files: Stanford Dean Larry Kramer IMs Kagan


SLScosmo99: oh hey elena….

tehNYoflaw: oh gr8 here we go

SLScosmo99: did u see the new rankings? 😉

tehNYoflaw: what do you think i live under a rock, ya i saw them. so retarded.

tehNYoflaw: revesz already wrote on my facebook wall that nyu is coming for us next

SLScosmo99: lol, all i have to say is u got

SLScosmo99: PWNED!11111

SLScosmo99: 😀 😀

SLScosmo99: #2 baby. we are totally too 1337 4 u

tehNYoflaw: O RLY???

SLScosmo99: YA RLY

SLScosmo99: All your base – and ur admits – are belong to us! LOL

tehNYoflaw: whatever larry

SLScosmo99: all your base, your base. base. base.

tehNYoflaw: shut up dood

SLScosmo99: all your base, your base. are belong to us

SLScosmo99: u can build a v-ball court but you’ll never be a world-class law skl in paradise babe

tehNYoflaw: more like a world ASS law school

tehNYoflaw: we are still dropping the H bomb

SLScosmo99: i guess

tehNYoflaw: we drop it like its hot

tehNYoflaw: drop it like its hot

tehNYoflaw: u know how we do

SLScosmo99: well theres 1 thing i bet we can agree on

SLScosmo99: yale SUX0RS am I rite?

tehNYoflaw: ya I KNOW, seriously

tehNYoflaw: koh’s mom is so fat she jumped up in the air and got stuck!

tehNYoflaw: ROTFLMAO

tehNYoflaw: she is so dumb she only clerked for a state judge

SLScosmo99: OMG, you are so bad 😛

SLScosmo99: oh hey e-dog i GTG, faculty mtg, ill catch you later ok

tehNYoflaw: oh ok

Away message from SLScosmo99: u know what they say, 1st law school the worst, 2nd the BEST, 3rd the nerd with the hairy chest LOL

tehNYoflaw: you are so dumb

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