News Brief: HLS Students and the Local Food Bank


Lawyers from Vinson & Elkins LLP, an international law firm, will be meeting with Harvard law students to convince these future lawyers to join V&E upon their graduation. Instead of the traditional “wine and dine” setting that law firms employ for their recruiting purposes, V&E lawyers will be taking the potential recruits to the local Food Bank to box food alongside them.

Why is this significant? Not only is V&E the first law firm to use this type of recruiting method, but also, this type of recruiting method shows the students firsthand just how important community work is to V&E.

The Food Bank recruiting project, initiated four years ago at Harvard by Kevin Lewis, a 1986 graduate of Harvard Law School, is the first recruiting event of its kind. After success at Harvard, Kevin encouraged V&E attorneys recruiting at other law schools to do the same In 2005, more than 240 V&E lawyers and law students from six law schools, including The University of Texas, Yale, and Georgetown, boxed nearly 30,000 meals, while talking about the culture and environment at the firm.

Kevin Lewis, the founder of the Food Bank project and Harvard Law School alum, will be heading the team going to the Food Bank on Wednesday, March 1. Kevin, whose practice is primarily in corporate law, can be available for interviews about the project. He can be reached at 713.758.3884 or via e-mail at

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