Letters to the Editor


To the Editor:

I’m glad to see the recent New York Observer article (http://www.observer.com/printpage.asp?iid=11980&ic=News+Story+3) about the conservative presence — both student and faculty — at Harvard Law School. One of the reasons I looked forward to attending HLS is that I knew I would be surrounded by a large number of people who didn’t agree with me on a wide range of issues. This turned out to be the case, and I viewed this as positive.

However, the number of conservatives at Harvard Law, and the stength of the conservative movement there, is growing. The reason I am happy about this is not because I would like to see the school dominated by conservatives. In fact, I would not like to see that. I would, however, like to see some balance between liberal and conservative ideology, because, at least with regard to thefaculty, there currently is no balance. For a school that prides itself on its diversity, it certainly lacks an ideologically diverse faculty.

I imagine conservatism at HLS will only get stronger, and I look forward to watching the rise of conservative principles at my alma mater, which will no doubt serve as a much-needed counter to the well-entrenched liberalism HLS is used to.

Drew Thornley

HLS, Class of 2005


To the Editor:

As the mother of a now 2L student I had the great privilege of meeting Professor David Westfall. My special day was the day before the Thanksgiving holiday 2004.

I had never dreamed I would one day be visiting in person with a distinguished Harvard Law Professor. Professor Westfall with his most kind caring manner gave me a feeling of much pride and admiration for him, not only as a Professor but as a man who gave respect to everyone.

I will always treasure and cherish my visit with Professor Westfall knowing I had the opportunity to be in the presence of one of Harvard’s most humble and respected Professors was indeed my honor.

My hope is his light will always keep shining brightly through Harvard Law Students.


Deborah Hill

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