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I was king of the world. Well, at least king of Franklin Elementary School.

Back when Carl Winslow ruled Friday nights, my dad had a car phone, and my wallet was filled with Pepsi’s “Gotta Have It” cards, we 6th graders owned the school. Adorned in I.O.U. sweatshirts, Zubaz pants, and Starter jackets, we had finally reached the top. Cowering below us, like a L.L.M team facing the fury of Stormin’ Mormon basketball, were all those worthless K-5th graders.

As you can see, we were all on a power trip. And I decided to take that power trip to the next level; I ran for treasurer of the student council. I mean, there would be no contest. Why would anyone waste their time running against me?

Well, it was definitely no contest. Playing Ronald Reagan to my Walter Mondale, Natalie Berg got elected treasurer in the most lopsided competition since Super Bowl XX. Plain and simple, I got creamed; no recount in the world would have changed the outcome. Let’s hope that at least my 4th grade brother voted for me. (Thinking back, if he actually didn’t vote for me, I really hope he abstained-I’d consider one less vote against me a moral victory of sorts). Only a steady dosage of Nintendo eased my pain.

I never did run in a student government election again. Perhaps I was scarred to the point where another crushing defeat would have sent me spiraling into a desolate existence, only finding joy in fast food, Sega Genesis, and late night Cinemax. But more than likely, I was just indifferent to student government.

Why am I telling you all this? Other than the fact that you have no choice but to read whatever I write?

Well, because that indifference disappeared this year-I joined the Law Student Council (LSC). But, much to my dismay, I realized that no one I came across knew what LSC did. While LSC met the first and third Wednesday night of every month, these people were probably playing trivia at the Forest Cafe. (Yes, this is a shameless plug. And, no, I don’t have any financial interest in the Forest Cafe. But the more people that show up there, the less chance that the ninety-three time defending champions, the despised Larry Led Tortfeasors, win yet again.) Perhaps if LSC had a different name its role would be more apparent to the student body. While potential name changes have been debated (“Student Government” and “Student Senate” are viable options; even “Student Czars” may have some potential, though I don’t know how well it would go over if “3L Class Representative” were replaced by “3L Class Despot”, but that’s for another day), “LSC” is what we are. So, let me tell you what we do.

LSC does quite a bit to enhance student life here at HLS. For example, LSC put together the upcoming Faculty-Student Lunch Program, which will provide more than 140 students with the opportunity to meet with about 20 faculty members over lunch. The bi-weekly happy hour that you all know and love? That’s a LSC event. The Sound-Off Board in the Hark that lets you air out any complaints? That’s run by LSC. Providing input on the Hemenway Gym renovations? Yep, LSC again.

In hopes of brightening the holiday season for underprivileged kids, LSC is also co-sponsoring the Giving Tree project. Each ornament on the Giving Tree will be labeled with a certain type of gift. A person who picks an ornament off the tree will be responsible for buying the gift indicated by their ornament. All gifts will then be collected and distributed. This program will begin shortly, so please look for the tree in the Hark very soon.

In addition to these plainly visible efforts, LSC engages in quite a bit of behind the scenes advocacy. There are various faculty-student committees staffed with LSC members, committees that help influence IT, career services, academic affairs, and student services to name a few areas. LSC also recently met with both Dean Cosgrove and Mark Weber to discuss possible improvements to the way things are currently run at HLS. Coming up is a Q&A with Dean Kagan (so if you have any concerns, post them on the Sound-Off Board!). Lest you think these types of dialogues are pointless, here are just a few of the results of this behind the scenes work:

– A public printer in the Hark;

– New York Times and Wall Street Journal on racks in the Hark;

– Soy milk for coffee; and

– Coffee available at night in Langdell.

Well, the question of “What the $&@% does LSC do?” should be answered by now. So, go find your class or section rep and shake his/her hand. Or at least buy them a beer.

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