Harvard Law School Exams Through the Ages


Being November, I thought it was time to start studying old exam questions. I know, it’s early, but that’s just the kind of dedicated student I am. And for a dedicated student like me, the advantage of being at one of the oldest universities in the country is that there are a lot of old exams to study. I’ve compiled some of the most challenging, interesting, and historical for your reading and studying pleasure.

12,000 BCE – Man crosses the Bering Land Bridge and arrives in the New World.


Inscribe your answer on six stone tablets or less. You have one cycle of the sun.

I. Grug smash mammoth. Good smash, Grug! Grug drags mammoth to cave and goes to stream for water. But Grog was hiding in cave before Grug came. Grog eat mammoth. Bad Grog?

II. Assume that in the past Grog had granted Grug a license for use of said cave for mammoth storing purposes, but that the license had been revoked. Can Grug claim an easement over the cave?

Copyright and Intellectual Property:

Sketch your answer on the wall of the cave using either pigment or saber toothed tiger blood.

Grgth spends many moons drawing the Great Buffalo Spirit on his cave wall. One night, Glikl sneaks in, copies the buffalo onto a leaf, draws it on his cave wall, and begins performing Buffalo Spirit Healing Rites for the neighbors in exchange for dried buffalo jerky. Is Glikl infringing on Grgth’s intellectual property or is this a fair use under

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