Amicus Curiae: HLS is #1


The 2005-06 Record rankings have revealed that Harvard Law School is the best law school in the nation. Because HLS students have a knack for getting the right answers, we are not surprised that HLS has achieved this accomplishment. There is absolutely no way that 104 HLS students can be wrong.

While no ranking system is perfect, HLS should take pride in this prestigious and much deserved honor. We concede that all rankings systems have methodological flaws, but the fact that HLS is ranked #1 should alleviate at least some, if not most, of these concerns. The fact that HLS students have proved that HLS is the greatest American law school demonstrates the scientific validity of our study.

We must acknowledge that our flawless administration, gorgeous facilities, and infallible professors deserve some credit for this accolade. In particular, the new coffee machine merits a shout out.

But true credit belongs to HLS students themselves. Students who completed the survey showed real sensitivity and intelligence, displaying an eagle-eyed comprehension of hierarchy. Lesser law students at lesser law schools might not have appreciated the superiority of HLS. But HLS students, with reasoning skills that too few have the acumen to comprehend, clearly understood that HLS is the best school in the nation. This kind of perceptiveness will carry them far in life.

As law firms clearly recognize as well, HLS students are just in a class of their own.

In addition, HLS students should be commended for acknowledging the existence of other law schools. It must not have been easy for HLS students to think of nine other law schools. But HLS students kind-heartedly remembered those less fortunate law students who currently attend other, lesser institutions. In the spirit of our fellow students, we extend our sincerest sympathies to students at Yale Law.

These rankings also strongly suggest that a sixth HLS graduate should be appointed to the US Supreme Court. The best graduates from the best law school in the nation should sit on our highest court. We do not believe there can be such a thing as too much greatness. Unfortunately, Harriet Miers did not graduate from HLS. Otherwise, she would have not only been confirmed but been a smarter, more cosmopolitan person as well. The time is right for America to discover true greatness once again, just as HLS students have discovered true greatness in themselves.

In conclusion, all hail Harvard Law School – the New York of law schools! HLS is just simply the best!

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