News Brief: Poker Tournament for Hurricane Relief



The Katrina disaster touched many in the HLS community and prompted various charitable efforts. Under the leadership of Matt Long, Community Service Chair for the Federalist Society, the Federalist Society recently sponsored a charity poker tournament, which raised $1460 for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Sixty-five students spent a Friday night in the Hark playing No Limit Hold ‘Em, with prizes for the final table of players.

“As proponents of limited government, many Federalist Society members believe strongly in the importance of private charity to augment government aid. We wanted to do our small part to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina,” said Federalist Society President Matt Cooper.

Apart from the worthy cause, those in attendance enjoyed snacks and beer donated by Sam Adams, while winners received prizes from local businesses. Interest in the event was so high that many had to be turned away. Fortunately, many of those who did not play in the tournament still donated money. At the end of the night, the field of 64 was reduced to Kevin Parker and Jonathan Dunn, with Parker taking first place.

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