Censorship Request from the HLRecord


The HL Record published an astounding editorial “Amicus Curiae: Justice for Palestine or Jew-Baiting?” October 20. I used to be involed with Justice for Palestine. I thought it supported a two-state solution only insofar as the ultimate result was consistent with universal principles of human rights including clear acceptance by Zionist colonizers that Zionist colonizer rights and privileges were in no way superior to the human rights of the native population. Once the Zionist colonizers make complete restitution to the native population including full restoration of residence and property rights, it is highly probable that Palestinian population of the State of Israel will democratically dismantle the racist Zionist state and join with the Palestinian population of the occupied territories to create a democratic Palestinian state. No patriotic American that believes in democracy, antiracism, and human rights could possibly object to such a result, for the government of a democratic state should correspond to the demography while only racist ethnocratic tyrannies like the Zionist State of Israel try to change the demography to correspond to the wishes of the government. The HL Record should show some awareness of elementary Americanism, withdraw its inherently un-American call for censorship, and apologize to those Harvard community members that actually believe in the ideals that form the foundation of contemporary America culture, society and laws. Joachim Martillo HC ’78

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