POEM: a different embrace


He is alone. He is alone in the elevator.He is alone in his office. He is alone with cappuccino. He is alone on the phone. He is alone with Blackberry. He is alone on the computer. He is alone when he types what he types everyday.

If he could have created another life, he wouldnot have made it a lonely one.He would not have. He swears he would not have.He would have made sure that he would have not forgotten the people who might have loved him.

He envies the water cooler. It has no desireto create a different life for itself.It lacks the power to desire. He believes that objectslack the power to desire. He fills a coffee mug with water. The mug has a teddy bear painted on it.

The teddy bear holds a heart. If he could have held the hearts of the people who might have wanted to hold his, he would have. He owns a cat and two dogs. He owns clothes, a bed, a car. He owns many things. He wanted to own them.

He has no problem with things. Things are good. He is often alone with things. He was once with people. The feeling was unlike the ownership of things. If someone would have givenhim another chance to choose, he would have taken it.

by roger pao

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