LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Lord of the Briefs legacy tarnished


I was extremely disappointed to read the needless criticism of 2003’s Parody “Lord of the Briefs.”

It is true that, if a comedy is just a comedy, it generally runs under two hours. “Dude, Where’s My Car?”, for example, took only 83 minutes of my life. Of course, Ashton and Seann William weren’t required to remove the sets after each scene.

For an event that includes laughs, pathos, quirky apes, and actual plot, however, sometimes two hours is not enough. And if “Titanic” can run over three hours, surely a play culminating in the dramatic death of Dean Robert Clark should have approached that running time.

How dare you tarnish the legacy of “Lord of the Briefs”!

Jason Knott

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