Gunner Quote of the Week

The votes are in, and 3L George Hicks has won LAWKER’s “Gunner Quote of the Week” Award! Early in the semester, our source overheard Hicks talking about dropping Ernie Young’s Federal Courts class. He expressed dismay over the curve prospects in the class, saying “Are you sticking with this class, man? I mean, I don’t know, it seems kind of stacked. All the Review people are in here. I think I’ll be better off in Manning’s.”

LAWKER is sure Hicks’ colleagues in Manning’s class will be happy to know what he thinks of their intellect. But fear not, Manning friends, Hicks and his sterling transcript decided to stick with Young after all.

Thanks to all who voted! And please send us your quotes for next time.

Rumor Has It…

LAWKER is proud to learn that our very own Jared Delgin (1L) was once a child star on Kids Incorporated and shared Young Artists awards with Jennifer Love Hewitt and, uh… Kenny Ford. Jared is remembered by his fans for such illustrious episodes as “He cons Haylie into going into the fashion business with him” (Episode 8-8) and “He quits basketball and joins ballet because of a girl” (Episode 8-12).

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