EDITORIAL: All Good Things…


This is the last issue of the year for the Record, and for me as its editor-in-chief. As a 3L, I have been involved with the Record since my first year here-in these past years, I have seen some major changes come to HLS and some much needed calls for reform go unanswered. Overall, I have had a wonderful time here at HLS, but that is not to say HLS is a place without its problems. As many of us begin to ponder our futures, it is also appropriate to ponder the future of HLS. For those of us graduating, we will now be alums, being asked for money-but asking for what in return from HLS? For those of you who are 1Ls and 2Ls, you still have time left in this place and should ask-what kind of HLS do you want to leave behind?

Ten years from now, I would like to come back to an HLS that is more inclusive and diverse. I would like to visit a place where women make up half of the faculty and half of the student body. Where minorities find representation equal to their representation in the general population. Where more students graduate with jobs in public interest than come in wanting to do public interest. Where Law Review has as many women as men and Legal Aid and BSA have as many men as women. Where class schedules are not determined a year in advance. Where adding and dropping clinical courses is not the pain it currently is. Where Gropius exists no longer, replaced instead by modern, aesthetically pleasing dorms.

That future seems far off, but the past also seems to be rapidly receding. I thank my dedicated staff for putting in all the time and energy into making this paper what it was-to Geoff McGovern, who showed me the money; to Jeremy Blachman who helped out more than he will ever know; to Adina Levine who had a knack for finding the news; to Lee Rowland who made sure the paper remembered to have a little fun every now and then; to Devon Bush who brought us humor every week; to Brian Finkelstein who made sure thousands could see us on the web; and to Roger Pao, who made sure the paper got distributed every week and who will make a fine editor-in-chief now that he is taking over the paper. Thanks also to my group of friends who have kept me sane all these years!

Thanks to everyone for reading. It has been a privilege to serve this fine community.

-Hugo Torres-

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