POEM: massachusetts avenue


My theme is isolation. I have no metaphors to give. I ask the snowfall to leave me alone, but it will not leave me alone. In the storefront windows,I see my face. I walk a broken sidewalk. You cannot approach your heart any differently. You cannot remain indoors any more than you can leave the neighborhood.You are the neighborhood. I have found out. I havefound out that I grew up in the same places that you grew up. Only differently. I might have desireda neighborhood of my own if I had known better.I have always desired to know better. My first failure as a human being is that I never spoke to you, though I wanted to speak to you. Not wanted. I still want you the way I found you but not quite. I do not want to go back to the way I found myself. I have come too far: that is my second failure.

by roger pao

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