POEM: sentimental: a sayonara


Whenever you totter over the ravishing snowin your steel-toed boots, that is the hour I feel sentimental for you,

for who you will become is not the onewho will totter forever through my heart, unmelting, season upon season,

almost falling out of your scarf. Snow melts around these parts. Soon you will stand in the Courtroom, famous with tension,

your notes precisely aligned before you.Before every judge, you will articulate confidently from your steady heart, no longer

tottering, and I will no longer recognize you: you or the voiceyou have mastered into persuasion. You will not

stumble into my heart anymore. You willpossess a rational voicemy heart cannot comprehend – though

I will never forget the unmasked sunlightdisobeying your gravityat an angle, as your laughter went whirling past me.

by roger pao

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