TO ARMS TO ARMS TO ARMS fellow HLS students! Word has spread, that yet again HLS is planning to jack up tuition for the upcoming year! While general inflation has been running around 3% nationwide, HLS continues its merciless increases, beyond inflation rates, which turn students into indentured servants after graduation! Poverty and debt await each poor graduate, instead of a bright future and wealth. With HLS students now graduating with debt loads of over 100,000 dollars, they are forced to pay back twice that amount over a 10 year repayment period. In short, they never have a chance at the good life.

Meanwhile, HLS continues to sit on an endowment that has hundreds of millions of dollars in available funds. So, the rich HLS faculty and the wealth of HLS grow larger, while the poor exploited students carry an ever increasing burden.

It will only change when the HLS students demand change! They must demand better leadership at HLS; they must unite and demand a tuition freeze, they must try to escape their impoverished destiny. For remember, HLS debt is NOT dischargable in bankruptcy, it follows you to the grave, and will be carved upon your tombstones!

Petition for redress of your grievances! HLS students cannot continue to afford these tuition increases, which allow faculty and the Dean to buy ever nicer homes, cars and furs…

Students it is your school, not theirs. You are the customer. Stop serving them, and protect yourselves. Remain peaceful; but stop your own exploitation by HLS. Together you are strong, alone they will crush you under their diamond studded boots.

Yours with you at the barricades of change,

Charles FacktorHLS Class of 1990

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