Letter to the Editor: Opininion column misrepresents Republicans


I welcome Mr. Lamberson’s assertion about the HLS Republicans in his recent post-election article. [“The lack of dissent among the HLS Republicans is frightening …“] It not only demonstrates his utter ignorance of the make-up of our group, but, more importantly, symbolizes the continued inability of the Left to come to grips with the true meaning of the resounding results of the 2004 election.

The HLS Republicans, like the Republican Party, is a big tent. How else would a pro-gay marriage, anti-death penalty Jew be elected President of our group? [Note: Notwithstanding my policy preference, Goodridge is still a ridiculous decision.] Anyone who has spent more than five minutes with our membership would know only too well the enormous differences of opinion on matters of foreign and domestic policy voiced within our ranks.

These differences, however, pale in comparison to the ever-widening gulf between the Left (particularly at Harvard) and mainstream America. Perhaps Mr. Lamberson cannot see the differences and disputes between liberal, libertarian, conservative, and neo-conservative Republicans because he and his party are situated so far from the rest of us that even binoculars cannot render a clear picture of our positions along the center-right of the political spectrum. Perhaps Mr. Lamberson merely chooses not to see the wonderfully spirited and appropriate debate(s) going on inside the Republican Party because it is intellectually easier and less depressing to assume that persons of widely disparate underlying philosophies and policy positions were tricked into voting Republican by worn-out slogans than it is to explore why these people united to express their complete lack of confidence and trust in John Kerry and the Democratic Party. Either way, Mr. Lamberson and the Democrats will never be able to rationally understand, much less exploit, the very real differences among members of the Republican Party until they recognize that we were all not merely fooled into voting Republican.

If Mr. Lamberson is looking for Michael Moore-style dissent, he is wasting his time – the Republican Party does not harbor traitors (and we certainly do not seat them next to former President’s at our national conventions). If, on the other hand, Mr. Lamberson is looking for respectful, reasoned and serious intra-party disagreement and debate, his failure to see it amounts to either willful blindness or a sheer disconnect with reality.

With Respect,

Lee RudofskyPresident, HLS Republican

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