Counterpoint: Keep the library closed


Dear Dean Kagan,

It is a beautiful day, the only one Boston has ever seen, and only one thing is preventing the day from being perfect. The library is open. Why? Why do we need the library to be open so often, and why do we as a school need to make people feel like they should be studying. Everyone gets the same grades, and regardless of grades everyone gets the same jobs anyway, so it really doesn’t make any difference to study. Yet still we have a library. How many books do we need access to? It’s just for the journals. No one’s going through case law except for FYL. No one’s reading back issues of the Duquesne Law Gazette. And no one should feel like we go to a school where living in a library is the norm. Open it during the day, sure – for people who live off-campus to check e-mail between classes, or check out today’s New York Times. But at eleven at night? It would be healthier to sleep. And on weekends? Why should students think they ought to be doing work on weekends? It’s crazy. And it hurts morale. After all the renovations, what’s the point if everyone’s going to be stuck in the library? Let them enjoy Jarvis Field before the winter comes. Let them enjoy the Hark. Let them enjoy greater Boston. Close the monstrosity with all the books. We don’t need it. We have other things we ought to be doing. Perhaps together we can do something to contribute to the quality of our lives, and not just the number of pages of Civ Pro we read.

– Jeremy Blachman

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