Organized international terrorism


World War II has been characterized as one of the most darkest and tragic periods in history due to the fact that the conflict penetrated with unprecedented violence into the remotest corners of the world. The growing global nature of present day organized terrorism, unless stopped, threatens to assume the same characteristics.

Only through the intervention of this country was the advance of despotism conquered in World War II. Again it appears that only through the intervention of this country will the threat of global organized terrorism be contained and eliminated. Both individual and national freedoms are at stake.

The resistance to our intervention in Iraq was predictable but the amount of “Bush bashing” that has been leveled at the President in an election year by the news media, the movie industry, late night comedians and his political opposition has reached an abusive level. The attempt to swing an election by vitriolic persuasion has failed in the past. Hopefully, it will not be successful in the coming presidential election.

The nation should be thankful to have a President who understands the extent and nature of this growing threat and who, regardless of the pretext, possesses the courage of his convictions to strike at its roots and at the same time restore individual freedom to a people who have suffered for many years under terroristic domination. Our individual freedom is inseparable from that of others.

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