Scales of Justice ready to sing. Also, free beer.


Tonight, Thursday April 29 at 8:00 in Ropes Gray, the Scales of Justice will present their annual spring charity concert. While the group originally gave consideration to donating the proceeds to the National Association for the Deaf, they settled on Cambridge public school music education as a worthy cause.

The concert will feature singer-songwriter Sara Brenner, a 1L, as the opening act, followed by more than a half-dozen never-before-performed songs by the 11-member Scales of Justice, the law school’s only a cappella singing group.

Among the songs: Madonna’s “Like a Prayer,” The Indigo Girls’ “Closer to Fine,” 1950s classic “In the Still of the Night,” and an original song by one of the group’s members, who spent part of Wednesday afternoon writing an article for The Record previewing the concert.

The admission price is $5, but includes free beer.

According to 2L and Scales member Tanya Stankunas, “When you work out how much of your student fees are going to pay for those weekly happy hours, our free beer is even cheaper than HLS-sponsored free beer.”

Matt Astle, the group’s music director, and also a 2L, added, “If you come for nothing else, come for the costumes and props, which have never before been used in a Scales concert. We’ve got kilts, judges’ robes, rubber duckies, and more. Okay, maybe not more.”

One-L Hillary Gould, the group’s President, commented, “It would be great if you could run an article [about the concert].”

Tickets are available at the door.

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