7th Annual Harvard Latino Law, Business and Public Policy Conference


I am terribly disappointed to find that The Record is an institution that exhibits complete indifference to the efforts of the Latina/o community at Harvard. This weekend I attended the 7th Annual Latino Law, Business and Public Policy Conference–with events on Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday. Although several members from the planning committee contacted The Record through various channels, no staff ever responded, no staff attended any events, and as a result, the conference will go unrecognized by the law school community. More importantly, the community will not benefit from our labor. Regardless of any individual’s interest in Latino issues, the conference embodied solidarity; it is proof that by reaching beyond the law school campus, by uniting with other brilliant students at our other schools, we can accomplish so much more. As a member of a community struggling to exist at this university, I find it disheartening that The Record is selective in its minority support. I had hoped that La Alianza, the Latino Caucus from KSG, and LASO from the Business School warranted the same respect as APALSA and BLSA. I know we deserved at least the decency of an email or phone call informing us that you would not be covering the conference at all.

Sincerely,Nina Flax, ’05

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