Response to Christenson Letter


Vonn Christenson’s guest opinion, “Military debate lacks diversity of opinion,” is a welcome addition to what has up until now been a hopelessly uninformed and immoral “debate” about non-discrimination. He raises a number of insightful and (I’m sure) well-considered thoughts, but most importantly, he brings this thorny question of “openness” out into the open. If Harvard Law School is any measure of what it means for gays to be “open,” then surely Mr. Christenson’s point has some bite. I can’t count the number of times I’ve passed by a Lambda meeting only to be disturbed by glimpses of gay open sex taking place in our very own Pound Hall. One shudders to think of how openly gay individuals would behave in a military context, particularly in times of war; images of Barbra Streisand impersonators singing “People” against the backdrop of an Arab sky lit up by enemy fire are indeed hard to erase from one’s mind.

But, like Mr. Christenson, I’m digressing. In short, I would like to echo Mr. Christenson’s preference stated in his last paragraph: we should not be discussing homosexuality at all. Instead, we should be singing the high praises of heterosexuality in all of its valorous manifestations and positions. If only we could all aspire to the impeccable sexual ethics and morality of heterosexual military servicemembers, then the world would be a better – and by far, healthier – place.

Satyanand Satyanarayana2L

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