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Give the Man a 68

Dear Editor:

I live in London and just received the Oct. 16 issue of the Record. On page 8, there are pictures of the HLS Drama Society production of Measure for Measure. These pictures brought back my memories of the three years that I participated in the Law School Show (as it was then called), ending in 1966. I have noted in past issues over the years that The Record and others have lost sight of the history of the Law School Show. If you will permit me, I will provide some background on what I remember about the founding of the HLS Drama Society.

While I was a 1L in 1964, I participated in the Law School Show, acting in a comedy routine or two and singing one song which fortunately no longer graces the airwaves of our fair nation. In 1965, for the first time ever (as I recall), those of us involved in writing for the Law School Show composed and wrote an entirely original show, music and lyrics. The 1966 Show, which also was entirely original in music and lyrics, had one other feature unique at that time: the Show was a continuous story, not just a series of unrelated skits, which characterized the Law School Shows of the past. I believe the 1966 Show was entitled “Kid Me Not or the Matter of Tot”.

The 1966 Law School Show was the catalyst for the HLS Drama Society. In the spring of that year, three of us (all 3Ls) decided to form the HLS Drama Society. We three were Mark Gasarch, Alan Goldhammer and myself. I recall reading this in The Record of the day, probably sometime after March 1966, when the Show was performed (in those days, there was only one performance of each Show).

For many years I have read that the HLS Drama Society was formed in some period after 1966 and in circumstances far from the truth. Certainly Messrs. Gasarch and Goldhammer will recall the establishment of the HLS Drama Society. I am sure that others who performed in the 1966 Show will also confirm this event.

Although it has taken us a long time to contact The Record, I hope that this summary of the history of the HLS Drama Society will now be remembered each year when the Law School Show returns anew.

Jim “Give the Man a 68*” Friedlander, ’66* one of the “hit” songs of that year’s show

Response to response

I appreciate the critiques of my article addressing homosexuals in the military. By no means do I discourage anyone from sharing their opinions or concerns on the matter. As with all third-party correspondence, though, it is inevitable that there will be misunderstandings in what we want to communicate. I certainly feel that my plea for a balanced look at the matter has been misconstrued by some as implying more than my true position. I welcome an opportunity to visit with anyone who would like to speak with me more on the issue, that we both might better understand one another.

Vonn R. Christenson, 1L

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