Re: Replies to my article


In the letters to the editor this week it became clear to me that several people completely missed the point of my comments over the military recruiting debate. The major point of my article and I encourage the people who responded to re-read it is that it is NOT the military’s policy. It is the policy of the President of the United States. I did not discourage protest of a policy they do not agree with since people in the military sacrifice so their fellow citizens can in fact freely protest. My point was I do not understand why people are so quick to blame an institution that gives so much for a policy they disagree with when this policy is dictated to the military by elected officials. It is the citizens of the United States through their election of publc officials that have dictated to the military that this will be the policy and no one in the military can publicly disagree. My article was addressed only to this specific point and not to the policy itself-especially since I do not have the right to debate that policy.

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