NEWS BRIEFS: Wireless, Healthy Diversity, and Healthy Happy Meals


No Campus-wide Wireless Plans

The installation of wireless Internet access in the Hark back in the Summer of 2002 could have signaled the start of a wireless revolution at HLS. Not so fast, says HLS Manager of Network and System Services Tom Kilday. Kilday told The Record that there are currently no plans to deploy wireless Internet access to the entire campus.

According to the Information Technology Services website, “a complete wireless rollout for the HLS campus is on hold due to concerns from faculty about always-on network connectivity in classrooms.” Apparently the HLS faculty doesn’t realize that solitaire can be played with or without an Internet connection.

Kilday did state that ITS is currently working on wireless access for the newly renovated first floor of Pound Hall. Gannett House, home of the Law Review, also enjoys wireless access.

For a complete list of the wireless locations on campus, visit

Expected Fall Release of Healthy Diversity Report

One year after former dean Robert Clark announced the formation of a Dean’s Committee on Healthy Diversity in response to the race problems in the spring of 2002, the substantive debate is largely over and there is an expected fall release date for the report. The committee is comprised of six faculty members, including Prof. Alan Dershowitz and Dean Todd Rakoff, three other administrators and five students. Prof. Martha Field chairs the committee. There may be less bite to the report than some students were expecting, however. Several committee members have said they would be surprised if any speech code emerged out of the report, something many students, most adamantly the Black Law Students Association, have been pushing the Law School to enact.

Happy Meals for a Healthy Lifestyle

Not content with triumphing over fat people in the courtroom, McDonald’s is testing a Happy Meal for adults that contains “a salad, an exercise booklet and a pedometer meant to encourage walking,” according to the Associated Press. The Go Active meal is intended to encourage individuals to walk away from lawsuits and toward a healthier lifestyle of personal responsibility. The fast-food restaurant has enlisted the aid of Oprah Winfrey’s personal trainer Bob Greene to promote its newest fat-busting-fast-food goodie. Only two weeks ago a federal judge in New York dismissed the latest lawsuit against McDonald’s, this one claiming that health risks of Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets have been hidden from the public, the Associated Press reported.

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