NEWS BRIEFS: Awards and en banc


Ninth Circuit Tells Californians to Ignore Earlier Ruling

After being derailed by an earlier Ninth Circuit decision postponing the California recall election until March, a unanimous decision by the eleven-judge panel put the original Oct. 7 election back on track. According to The New York Times, the eleven judges said that if the Oct. 7 election were blocked, “the State of California and its citizens will suffer material hardship by virtue of the enormous resources already invested in reliance on the election’s proceeding on the announced date.” The decision came despite the work of Prof. Laurence Tribe, who skipped class on Monday to fly to California and represent the ACLU during oral arguments.

Mary Ann Glendon Receives Award

Prof. Mary Ann Glendon was named one of the recipients of the 2003 Bradley Prize, which is given annually by the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation. According to the Foundation’s website, Michael W. Grebe, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Bradley Foundation said, “These outstanding individuals are being recognized for achievements that are consistent with the mission statement of the Foundation, including the promotion of liberal democracy, democratic capitalism, and a vigorous defense of American institutions.” Over 100 nominations were solicited and a selection committee that included, among others, former Senator William L. Armstrong, The Honorable Robert Bork and William F. Buckley, Jr. chose the winners. The other Bradley Prize winners are Leon Kass, Charles Krauthammer, and Thomas Sowell.

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