NEWS BRIEFS: Allston and Investigation


“Allston or Bust?” Not for this School

Any Law School aspirations for that piece of land across the river seemed to be dashed over the summer with a new proposal that, according to the Boston Globe, has garnered support from top Harvard University officials who are planning the development of the 100 acres.

In a story released Saturday, the Boston Globe reported that Dennis Thompson, a senior adviser to Harvard President Lawrence Summers, unveiled a proposal at a July retreat calling for a new Harvard campus “that combines science departments, graduate schools of education and public health, and undergraduate housing. . . .” The proposal also envisions a museum or performance space to add a cultural component to the area.

Harvard Law School and the Kennedy School of Government would stay put.

Who’s Got the Will?

Harvard Law School has hired a top-notch team of private investigators to find the will of Harvey Greenfield, a securities class-action lawyer and HLS alumnus who died in July 2002 and left behind an estate worth over $35 million, according to the New York Lawyer. Greenfield supposedly made several comments to other people that he was going to leave his entire estate to the Law School after he died. As of now no will can be found, which means Greenfield’s fortune would pass to a cousin in Florida.

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