Adam White’s column


As I have read the record for the first time I am deeply disturbed by the views of Adam White. So far from a German perspective Ivy league colleges and law schools have been a stronghold of political liberals, defining liberalism not as a care-free unilateral approach towards international policy, but as leadership by responsibility. Unfortunately Adam White’s opinion does neither express leadership nor responsibility. It is an account of an immature law student with little understanding of the true nature of international policy and foreign cultures.First of all I do agree with his analysis of the state of the Democratic leadership. As Mrs. Clinton is publishing her book about the best 8 years America has had in decades the presedential candidates show no effort to push Mr. Bush out of office.But this shows the state of America: The Bush administration is not the reincarnation of a moral approach towards national and international policy, this administration is rather a neoconservative backslash driven by religious radicalism.Listen to Mr. Bin Laden, listen to Mr. Bush: You won’t find much difference in the way people are brainwashed with the idea of the internal crusade. This does not only appeal to the christian radicals, that do bomb women’s clinics as palentinians bomb cafes in the middle east, no, it does obviously also appeal to students, educated at one of the finest institutions in the United States.Is Bush a criminal? Rather than Mr. Clinton. Mr. Clinton was criticized and criminalized for lying about a personal affair that should be only of interest for his family. Mr. Bush did not only lie to the United States, he also lied to the United Nations, in fact to the whole world. Why is Mr. Bush not impeached? Mr. Bush’s lie was the leading motive for a the war that the media in the United States calls “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. However, Iraq does not experienced the benefits of freedom. People are still murdered and tortured. The people do not have the right to vote their own government because the United States are afraid of a 2nd Iran. Instead, Mr. Garner is governing without any legitimation by the Iraqi people, advised by Iraqi exiles that are convicted criminals. The way the American troops handle demonstrations is not much different from the way the Sowjets did that in Eastern Germany and other countries behind the Iron Curtain?How can a law student accept that all rules and laws of international conflict settlement have been abandoned? This war was only supported by one country, the United States, and some governments,eg Britain and Spain. Those European governments that supported the war were deeply questioned by their voters. Both, Mr. Blair and Mr. Aznar, will not be reelected because of their role in “Operation Iraqi freedom”. To conclude this rather intense appeal to both, the students at Harvard and to the American public, to wake up and to get the picture straight. I have overdrawn comparisions and I have pictured the situation one-sided. But I have done that to answer the indifferent views expressed in your newspaper. I would like to advise your students who have read Adam White’s article and read my answer, to go out to Europe to study the trditions of an old and troubled civilization. They might learn that unilateralism is not the way the world should be governed in the future. Hail to a reformed United Nations without veto rights and a powerful general assembly!!!

In transatlantic friendshipHajo Kroesche

P.S.: Is this letter a violation of the Patriot Act? Will I be put a list “America’s Most Wanted” for expressing an opinion? I will write you another mail the next time I am in the United States whether I had problems with immigrations or not? And my last questions: Is it true that the Office of Homeland Security keeps records on all suspects of expressing their thoughts?

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