Will Dean Kagan Promote Military Law Class?


Dear Editor:

Recently in the Record, I read a letter by Chris Giovinazzo, where he complains that HLS only offers six courses on environmental law.

What I find even more incredible, is that HLS still doesn’t offer a single course on Military Law, although many of its graduates practice military law everyday.

The question is this, will Dean Kagan demonstrate the leadership needed, and promote a more well rounded set of academic offerings? Will Dean Kagan encourage HLS to have at least a single course in Military Law, when it already has courses on such obscure topics as Islamic law?

Will HLS support our military, our veterans, and its very own graduates and future graduates?

Before Mr. Giovinazzo gets his seventh environmental law course, shouldn’t the military get its first?


Charles FacktorHLS Class of 1990Lieutenant Commander U.S. Naval Reserve JAG Corp

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