The People’s Law School


Harvard Law is number one.

Lawyers and judges may disagree with that conclusion. Legal academics will surely seize up at such an utterance. The folks at U.S. News & World Report would “tsk tsk” and point to their scientific deduction that HLS is firmly, squarely slotted at number three.

They’re all wrong, though. In the hearts and minds of Americans, not to mention the world, Harvard Law is the best. If a taxidermist in Iowa finds out that his lawyer is from Harvard, he doesn’t think, “Damn, I wish they’d gone to Stanford.” He tells everyone that he hired the best, a Harvard lawyer, dadgumit.

Case in point … Nick Brown. Now, we all know that Nick is a star of the CBS hit “Survivor”. Everyone in the country knows him as the former Calvin Klein model, the Army officer. Thirty million Americans have seen him with his shirt off. Thirty million Americans have seen him almost vomit. Thirty million Americans know that he is a Harvard Law student.

On the premiere of this season’s Survivor, Brown was filmed leaning casually against the “Harvard Law” sign on Massachusetts Avenue. This school defines him in the eyes of the show’s producers and in the view of the television-watching public. Those words – Harvard Law School – will forever be associated with Nick Brown, as they will with all of us.

If Brown were a student at Columbia, or NYU, or even Yale, his name would simply be followed with the words “law student”. Yet he is a “Harvard Law student” – a special breed. No U.S. News & World Report will take away that distinguishing mark … there are law students, and then there are Harvard Law students.

When America needs a baseball team, they call on the New York Yankees. When they need someone to kick ass, they call on the U.S. Marines. And when they need a lawyer, they call on Harvard Law.

It’s the truth. Ask anyone outside of New Haven.

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