LSC update


After our winter recess, the Law School Council is back in session for a busy second semester. Some upcoming highlights:

Catching Up on Technology: Thanks to all the students who completed technology surveys for the LSC’s “Issue of the Week” regarding technology at HLS. Since then, ITS has raised the e-mail storage space from four megabytes to 10 megabytes. In addition, the staff has installed software to eliminate the “log on” errors that plagued many students in public computers. Three additional computers are being installed in the Hark public cluster to reduce waiting time for students. Suggestions may be directed to LSC Student Advocate Michael French (mfrench).

Issue of the Week: The Academic Calendar: The LSC’s next “Issue of the Week” will focus on the HLS academic calendar. Should we move to a uniform calendar for all students, or match the law school’s schedule to other graduate schools? Should 1L finals be moved to December or upperclass finals to January? Do we keep winter term? The LSC will host a table in the Hark next week to collect your opinion on these and other questions. Direct suggestions to LSC Secretary Kathy Gainey (kgainey).

Completion of Student Life Initiative: The pool and foosball tables have been delivered to the Hark, and dormitory purchases have been delivered.

Dean Clark Accepts Foosball Challenge: On Thursday, Feb. 22, the Law School Council and the Social Activities Council will sponsor a school-wide party in the Hark celebrating the Student Life Initiative and the new recreational amenities in the Hark. Dean Clark has accepted a foosball challenge from LSC Advocate Michael French and other students and has promised to “beat the pants off” his challengers.

Diversity Initiative: The LSC, BLSA, SLSA, NLSA, APALSA and La Alianza are working on bringing students and admissions officers together to discuss recruitment of students this spring. To get involved, please contact LSC Rep. Arlene Delgado (adelgado) or BLSA member Charlene Morisseau (cmorisse).

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