I write to salute the members of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau. The Law Review and the Legal Aid Bureau share Gannett House as equals, but we at the Law Review must admit to being far from equal in athletic competition. During my recently concluded tenure as president of the Harvard Law Review, the Legal Aid Bureau defeated us in every sporting event in which we faced them, including our annual Gannett House Flag Football Game held earlier this fall. Through it all, the members of the Legal Aid Bureau displayed class, sportsmanship and remarkable team spirit. Bravo!

It is clear that the Legal Aid Bureau makes our campus and our community better places. Thank you Legal Aid Bureau! The Bureau celebrates its 87th anniversary this year, and its tradition of service and overall excellence is stronger than ever. The members of the Legal Aid Bureau provide assistance to those who are desperately in need, while sharpening their own legal advocacy skills. They are also part of one of the most diverse, fun and close-knit communities at Harvard Law School. I encourage all 1Ls to consider applying for membership in this fine organization.

When someone asks me where to go to see generous, well-rounded, fun and good-looking people at the law school, I tell them (and you should as well) to go to the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau. The editors of the Law Review and our new president look forward to continued camaraderie within Gannett House, as well as a rematch on the flag football field next fall and on the intramural basketball court on April 8!

Anne K. Small ’01President, Volume 114Harvard Law ReviewFebruary 26, 2001

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