Where were the protestors?


Please do tell–where were the HLS protestors when:

1. Saddam killed upwards of 100,000 Iraqi Kurds–many by chemical agents they now claim are not in their possession?

2. Saddam killed upwards of 200,000 Iraqi Shia in the wake of his Kuwait invasion?

3. Saddam killed 500,000 Iraqis, and over a million Irani in his ten-year Gulf War?

4. Saddam yanked thousands off Iraq’s streets, hauled them off to Iraqi jails, forced them, often, to watch as wives, mothers, and daughters were raped, coerced them into confessing to trumped-up charges, then either anguishingly tortured them to death, or summarily executed them?

5. Saddam invaded Kuwait, resulting in the deaths of tens-of-thousands of Iraqi conscripts, some thousands of Kuwaitis, and hundreds of Coalition forces?

In summary, where were the protests when Saddam killed upwards of two million Iraqis?

Yet, now, in the wake of remarkably few civilian casualties, protests arise? Why now?

Please do tell: considering Saddam’s record of inhumanity, what would have been the moral consequence of inaction?

Marylyn Byrons?

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