Lipper’s Mistake


Mr. Lipper’s column (“The mother of all columns”) in last week’s Record unfortunately oversimplified the issues Katie Biber wrestled with in her opinions about education and the military. I do not think Lipper read those columns very carefully as he quickly dismissed Biber’s column on the military as a lazy inconsistency. He missed the main point of Biber’s argument, which was a call to respect and support our troops. Part of that argument involved an attack on the debate about funding the armed forces at an operating minimum and the soldiers’ meager pay. Biber was not making a blanket argument that “money was the answer,” as Lipper naively suggests. She was simply advocating that our soldiers deserve better. In addition, the issue she addressed was not the solution to the poor and inadequate state of one of America’s establishments (as she did with education in “Education done the ‘right’ way”). Biber instead called on us to support the individuals who protect our freedom. But everyone’s favorite student Liberal disregarded this petition, pulled words out of their context, and fabricated Biber’s supposedly inconsistent line of reasoning. And he did not even do a good job either. For example, how did the resourceful Lipper overlook the fact that our troops are the world’s best armed forces even while living on such meager pay? Read more carefully next time, Greg.

-Robert M. Fojo, 1L

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