Praise for the Record


In his letter to the Record Joshua Johnson claims that those who wrote to critisize Lee Strang’s editorial on homosexuality and the Lawrence case did not respond to Strang’s arguments but instead taunted him with “playground insults.” On the contrary, however, I thought that I was doing exactly what Johnson claims to want in suggesting the logical flaw in Strang demanding protection for his own parochial religious views while attacking state tolerance for those who are different from him. The point is that Strang thinks I am an immoral sinner and I think he is an ignorant bigot but we are both entittled to our points of view free from state interference.

In fact. I agree with Johnson that the Record deserves praise for publishing both Strang’s editorial and our letters in response. Part of engaging in such a free debate, however, is actually responding to what the other side says.

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