Target shooting club garners national attention

So surprised were the starchy folks at The Economist by the presence of a target shooting club at HLS (which they deem “the command center of American liberalism,”), they decided to train their journalistic sights on the trigger-happy bunch. The story notes that guns are banned on the entire University campus, and claims that Alexander Volokh, the club’s founder, “points out that enthusiasm for guns is a form of counter-cultural rebellion, rather like smoking cigars.” Also mentioned is a crew called “The Pink Pistols,” a pro-gay gun group. Guns and cigars, counter-cultural rebellion? Maybe the tobacco companies ought to try out gun nuts’ favorite theory — people kill people.

West to depart for Princeton;blasts Summers on the way out

It’s official: Professor Cornel West, one of the University’s most prominent black faculty members, officially announced his move to Princeton. Despite University President Lawrence Summers’ best efforts to patch things up with West, including trying to solicit the help of Professor Charles Ogletree, West will join the Princeton faculty in the fall. Even a student petition, which drew over a thousand signatures, could not convince him to stay. West and Summers’ relationship soured over what West termed frequent incidents of disrespect, including Summers’ apparent dismay at Wests’ extra-curricular projects like a CD (which, depending on the spin, was either “spoken-word” or “a rap album,” as press coverage has claimed). In his strongest statements yet, West told NPR on Monday that Summers is “the Ariel Sharon of higher education.” We’ll assume that isn’t a compliment.

Nader declares victor, but HLS center doesn’t see green

Law School alum Ralph Nader had a ticket to view the presidential debate held at UMass Boston but was kicked out anyway. So like all good HLS alums, he decided to sue. Among other things, Nader demanded that the Commission on Presidential Debates donate $25,000 to the Appleseed Center for Electoral Reform here at the Law School. On Tuesday the Commission finally caved into his demands — sending him a check for $25,000 and an apology for ejecting him. Nader claimed victory, but the Appleseed Center won’t see any of the cash — that’s destined for his lawyers. Well, at least he’s supporting the profession.

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