It disgusts me that a publication by Harvard Law students could have such minimal intellectual gravity as the RECORD has in recent weeks. How can you purport to cover issues of grave international importance when your word counts are only one-eighth that of most stories in The New Yorker?

Take the letters section for example. What are you guys doing, editing these things? Julia Tomassetti’s letter about terrorism was barely a thousand words long! How can anyone write anything intelligent about such an important issue in such a small amount of words?

And how can the entire 1L experience — a rich trove of happenings — be encapsulated in only one of the paper’s four columns of text? The Parody cast could fill that much space with their 1L HOOKUP experiences alone!

It’s also a travesty that you have only three food reviewers to write about every restaurant. How can any article purport to adequately convey the robust culinary offerings of the Pound vending machine using only three law students’ opinions of it?

Look, RECORD, if you guys are planning on anyone reading your paper, you need to have some articles that are a little longer than one toilet sitting. This isn’t some frat newsletter, you know. We’re law students, for crying out loud! We’re the people who will one day make Congress, the courts and most businesses so complicated to run that nobody but us can do it anyway! Give yourselves some practice and make a paper we can all be a little prouder of!

Renee Soto Harvard Law Review

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