JOLT symposium discusses copyright


The second panel evaluated the music industry┬┤s battle against piracy and drew lessons for the movie industry. Left to right were
University of Chicago Prof. Douglas Lichtman makes a point during the second panel as SonicBlue CEO Greg Ballard looks on. During the panel, Lichtman emphasized the importance of norms and not just laws in the copyright debate.

This weekend over 100 participants gathered in Langdell North and the Ropes-Gray Room to participate in an annual symposium organized by the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology. This year the symposium was organized around the topic, “Copyright and Fair Use: Present and Future Prospects.” In addition to two panels on the subject, the Journal organized a lunch where Representative Rick Boucher spoke about his efforts to amend the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to allow consumers to use digital media for fair use purposes that were protected before the DMCA. Participants included SonicBlue CEO Greg Ballard, Microsoft Director of Technology Policy Andy Moss, and San Jose Mercury News columnist Dan Gillmore.

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