Dean honors student leaders at award ceremony, party


Students, faculty members and administrators convened in Pound Hall on Wednesday, April 25, 2001, for the presentation of the second annual Dean’s Awards.

Dean’s Awards are given to third-year students and LL.M.’s who have made unique contributions to student life at Harvard Law School.

Recipients were presented with their awards at a brief reception and awards ceremony. The ceremony was followed by a dinner honoring the 14 student leaders who received awards.

Deans Clark and Richardson praised the honorees for their selfless service to the school community.

The following third-year students received Dean’s Awards: Mike Adams, Aaron Bartley (not in attendance at the event because he was busy occupying Massachusetts Hall for the Living Wage Campaign), Malik Dahlan, Sheila Vera Flynn, Shira Franco, Jonathan Freiman, Barbara Grayson, Herschel Hamner, Jamie Kohen, Brent Landau, David Markus, Jay Munir, Charlene Morriseau, Sheldon Pollock, Frank Rossi and Jahan Sagafi-nejad.

Scott Hirst and Gustavo Oliveira, both LL.M.’s, also received Dean’s Awards.

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