Administration responds


As many of you know, several course outlines containing what appears to be shorthand for a racial slur were put on the RECORD website to which HLCentral links. When these were discovered, the RECORD and HLCentral promptly removed them.

In the course of investigating this incident, we feel that a preliminary public statement is appropriate and important. We state clearly that the use of such language has no place in this school. In our daily interactions, we must treat all people with respect and dignity; without that there is no basis for discourse and no opportunity for learning.

In the past two years, we have been working on a long-term project involving student groups seeking ways to address such issues of respect in our classrooms and on our campus. We hope that this event will make us all more aware that the quality of our experience here at Harvard Law School is everyone’s responsibility.

Mark ByersDirector, Student Life Counseling

Todd RakoffDean of the J.D. Program and Byrne Professor of Administrative Law

Suzanne Richardson of Students

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