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For Immediate Release

Writers Wanted!

The Premiere issue of Politically Right, a smart, funny, irreverent, conservative online monthly, is now on the web, and is looking for writers. The premiere issue of Politically Right features such articles as “Noam Chomsky and September 11th,” “My Brother Went To College And Got Brainwashed By Marxists,” “I Was A Teenage Leftist,” “Fry Mumia” and “It’s Okay To Be Right.” In addition to these and other heterodox articles, the premiere issue of Politically Right features an in-depth interview with countercultural figure David Horowitz.

Politically Right is a monthly magazine of conservative thought. It is specifically designed to combat the academic left and provide college students with an island of sanity amidst a sea of leftist kitsch. We are currently looking for writers who are funny, informative and irreverent.

What are the requirements? We are looking for college students, professors or others who have first hand experience with academic leftists and/or possess a keen knowledge of the current political crises in academia. Your article should be an opinion piece that focuses on a subject that relates either directly or indirectly to the academic left (i.e. a critique of a leftist thinker, a review of a recent book by either a conservative or a leftist writer, the controversy over Mumia, the new “peace movement,” politically correct speech codes, sensitivity training, the decline of academic standards, affirmative action, PC segregation, the environmental movement, the sweat shop movement, the feminist movement, the “queer” movement, the anti-globalization movement, etc.).

How do I submit an article? If you would like to write for Politically Right, we invite you to visit our website, at www.politicallyright.com, where you can find out more about the writing requirements.

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