You’re here, you’re starving and you need to buy the basics.Broadway Market Place
Broadway Market Place 468 Broadway St.Gourmet and specialty food store. Californians, get your tofu and fresh salsa here. Pay through the nose for it.

CVS Pharmacy29 JFK St. Recent renovation has turned this into a drug store where you may actually find what you’re looking for. It’s in Harvard Square just north of Fleet Bank.

Evergood Supermarket1674 Mass Ave. Good for your day-to-day needs, with an insufficient selection of Lean Pockets. Suffice it to say that “Super” is a misnomer. Still, it’s good enough for the everyday needs. Walk north from campus a few blocks on Mass Ave. Evergood is past Starbucks on the left.

K Mart400 Western Ave., Brighton (562-4492), or 77 Middlesex Ave., Somerville (628-9500). You know what it is, you just need to know how to find it. Take a cab.

Star Market275 Beacon St. or Porter Square.A grocery store exactly like the one you had wherever you came from. It’s about a 10- to 15-minute walk to either location if you live on campus, but it’s cheaper and carries a broader selection than your other options. Just don’t buy anything too heavy — it’s a long way home.

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