Individuals will respond to Hartline


HLS Lambda represents a diverse population of law students with widely varying opinions about Kelly’s column. We choose to respond as individuals, rather than as an organization for the following reasons: (1) We believe that our strength as a community derives from our diversity, and to summarize the plethora of different bases on which Ms. Hartline may be criticized in a single letter seems an impossible and undesirable task; (2) Many of us believe that a response on the merits erroneously conveys the idea that there are actually students at HLS that believe Ms. Hartline to be correct. We have enough faith that HLS is actually a reasonable institution composed of rational, respectful, intelligent individuals that we feel it unnecessary to respond in any way that makes Ms. Hartline seem a legitimate opponent for debate; (3) We wish not to support the RECORD by contributing to the type of journalism they deem worthy of publication. In the past, the RECORD has maintained an informal policy of notifying student organizations when it plans to print an article that may present ideas counter to the interests of the organization’s members. By publishing Ms. Hartline’s article without giving us an opportunity to respond in that issue, and by publishing it on National Coming Out Day no less, the RECORD has shown disrespect to our organization and our members. We therefore respond to Ms. Hartline as individuals, rather than as an organization.

Lindsay HarrisonHLS Lambda Co-Chair

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