Who do you want to decide what goes in your food? The Hark chef? I didn’t think so. You’re talking about someone who puts a pound of kale in every ounce of clam chowder. Besides, what else do you have to do? Study? Subcite for another journal? Unlike that outline you’re trying to make, cooking gives you results — fast. (And it impresses the ladies.)I also wonder why people spend their money on prepared salsa. True, it’s easier to pick up a jar of America’s most popular condiment at the grocery store than to make your own, but who wants to eat that mush that they sell you? With only about ten minutes of preparation, you can have your own. So get to work.

Summer Salsa

Diced tomatoes (three medium-size vine-ripened tomatoes, or six plum tomatoes)Finely chopped onions (green, yellow or white — to taste)Minced and seeded jalapeño or serrano peppers (to taste)Finely chopped cilantro One limeAdobo seasoning (the key ingredient — you can substitute your own mixture of cumin, garlic powder, salt and pepper.)

1) Combine the first four ingredients.2) Using your palm, roll the lime against the counter or tabletop. Cut it into eighths and squeeze it over the tomato mixture.3) Season with adobo to taste.4) Serve and enjoy!

A variation of this recipe can be made by making a puree of the above ingredients in a blender or food processor.

Fresh guacamole is a proven way to impress any visitors that stop by. It is also rather difficult to screw up — another plus for those of you who wouldn’t know a food processor from a toilet.


Two Hass avocadoesOne plum tomato, finely dicedOne small onion, finely choppedHalf of a jalapeno pepper, mincedFinely chopped cilantro (to taste)Juice of one limeTwo tablespoons plain yogurt (optional — for a creamier guacamole)Adobo seasoning

1) Cut the avocadoes in half lengthwise. Remove the pits and reserve.2) Scoop out the avocadoes into a bowl.3) Mash the avocadoes with a fork.4) Mix the tomato, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, lime juice, optional yogurt and adobo into the avocado.5) Enjoy!

Guacamole turns brown quickly after it has been prepared. Adding the yogurt should slow this process, as will storing the guacamole with the reserved avocado pits pressed into the center of the dip.

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