An invitation


I found Kelly Hartline’s recent op-ed encouraging gay people to “come out of homosexuality” disturbing on many levels. My main impression, however, was that Ms. Hartline has probably never had any meaningful interaction with gay people other than those at her church who are suffering not from their homosexuality, but rather from their own internalized homophobia. For that reason, I am issuing an open invitation to Ms. Hartline and any HLS students who share her views to join me for lunch, my treat. While I admit that I do struggle with unhappiness from time to time — particularly when doing tax homework — my life as an out lesbian has been profoundly better than when I was in the closet. Sharon, my partner of four-and-a-half years, is the light of my life.

Ms. Hartline, you and I share the same goal: helping gay people “live and enjoy their lives to the fullest.” We just approach the issue from radically different perspectives. Surely we would both benefit from meeting face to face. This is a sincere invitation. Please email me at rdinwood@law if you would like to take me up on it.

Becky Dinwoodie

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