Should HLS move across the river to Allston? Why or why not?


“No. I think moving to Allston would deprive the law school community of ready access on a regular basis to the academic resources and libraries of the College and professional schools. We would be geographically and socially isolated.”–Ndubisi Obiorah LL.M.

“Yes. Because if HLS is unable to resolve the housing situation and the space situation on this side of the river, then the other side might solve a lot of problems. Just move Langdell there as well; everything else can stay.”–Paul Krieger ’03

“NO! What, you’re going to move all of Langdell? That building is why I’m here!”–Robert E. Clark ’02

“No. It’s a longer walk to Three Aces.”–Joseph Martin ’02

“Yes. It will provide space for a modern campus with first-rate dorms, student center, gym, etc.”–anonymous

“Absolutely not. Our history is here.”–anonymous

“No. What are you going to do with this beautiful $100 million library? Can you move it to Allston?”–Sanket Bulsara ’02

“No. It would be inconvenient to Harvard Square.”–Jonas Blank ’04

“No. There is a saving grace to being at law school within a total university environment.”–Faisal Chaudhry ’02

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